FAQ helps you to navigate our site better and make your shopping experience easier, we have provided answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ). You are always welcome to call our customer service if your question remains unanswered.

Here are Some Common  FAQ’s Listed Below: – 

What products are available at choosemypills.com

choosemypills.com is an online extension of your store with a wider range of medical and general products. You can purchase anything that you usually buy at a Tramadol Codex store plus more. Just type the name of the product you need in our search box and select from the displayed options to start shopping.

How to place an order online at choosemypills.com

For placing a new order, go to online orders, type in the name of the product you wish to purchase from the search box, select from the displayed options, update the product details, enter the value and place it in the cart. When all the necessary items have been added to the cart, click on checkout, confirm the order, select the delivery mode and enter the required details and send the order.

You will receive a confirmation email in your registered email ID with order details and an SMS at your registered phone number updating your order status.

If you have a prescription for medication, please show your prescription to our delivery assistant or store assistant at the time of product delivery and payment.

Is it compulsory to be existing http://choosemypills.com/ customer to shop at http://choosemypills.com/

No choosemypills.com is always open to all new and returning customers. If you are an existing choosemypills.com customer and own a store issued choosemypills.com Card or ID, by creating an online account and through registering your card, you will be able to view and print all your previous debts and easily reschedule them.

 Should I have to create an online account to shop at choosemypills.com

Yes, it is compulsory to create an account at choosemypills.com so you can shop online. Even if you are an existing choosemypills.com customer, you need to create an online account to shop and buy at choosemypills.com. When you create an account, you will be able to link your online and offline accounts to:

  1. View or print your previous debts
  2. Rearrange products smoothly
  3. Track your ValuePlus loyalty points

How to create an account ?

Click on SIGN IN / REGISTER at the top of any page on the website. Then click Register Now. Enter your email address and password. Re-enter your password to create an account. Your email ID will be used as your default  username.

While choosing a password, please remember that:

  1. Sensitive text passwords. Example Password and password will be treated differently from each other.
  2. Passwords must be 6 characters or more.
  3. Adding numbers and special characters to your password will make it harder to hack.

While registering, you may choose to link your offline Tramadol codex ID to your online account by providing your Tramadol codex ID or registered phone number. You will be asked to enter a verification code sent to your phone to complete the registration process.

If you are not an existing Tramadol Codex customer, you can create Tramadol Codex ID while completing the registration process.

You have the option to do this anytime by visiting the ‘My Account’ section of the website.

 How do I link my store issued Customer ID number to my online account?

When you are creating an online account, select the “I have a store issued Tramadol codex ID” option and follow the instructions. You will be asked to enter a verification code sent to your registered mobile number to complete the process. Alternatively, if you have already created an online account, go to My Account, and click on My Tramadol codex Card. Select the option ‘Register my store issued Tramadol codex Card’. Provide your registered Tramadol codex card no and registered mobile phone number. then follow the instructions.

What are the procedure for managing MY ACCOUNT  for registered user?

You can edit / update / manage your personal information and data, including your name, address, contact details and password at any time. To sign in to your account, click on SIGN IN / REGISTER. Once you are logged in, then click on the arrow below your name and then click on My Account. You will also be able to view your order history here.

It is important to keep your account information accurate and up to date, as our customer service will not be able to assist you if you are unable to verify the information provided by your account.

What should I do If my Email ID is changed?

Since your registered email ID is your unique and different user ID from others, we use this to track all of your transaction-related information. This cannot be changed without creating a new account. You may continue to use this email ID as your username  and update the contact details like email address on your My Account page. Once this is done, you will get all the connections to this new email address. However your user login ID will remain the same.

What should I do If I forgot my login password?

If you forget your password, we can email you a new secure password. Click on SIGN IN / REGISTER at the top of any page on the website, then click on Forgot Password and enter your registered email ID and send it. We’ll send you an email with your registered email ID and instructions for creating a new password.

Are there any shipping charges that apply to online order?

Yes, delivery costs may apply to certain orders. This will depend on your destination address and order amount. Delivery costs will be notified on the order review page prior to confirmation and payment.

What are the payment method for online order?

At choosemypills.com have many payment options available to customers. Customers can choose to pay by Debit / Credit / Net Banking / Wallets Bitcoin and Paypal  at the time of ordering. We also have the COD option available in selected locations. Please select your location to see if COD services are available in your area..

How to upload and submit prescription for medication ?

You can upload the doctor’s prescription from your computer and laptop and save it to your registered account. Representatives of the Tramadol codex will confirm the doctor’s instructions before confirmation of order. Alternatively, have your doctor referred to our delivery assistant or store assistant at the time of receiving the products. Please note that we will not be able to transfer any medication without a valid prescription.

Is there any expiry date of my online order for pick up?

Yes. Orders placed by a customer expire after 7 days from the time the customer receives a message informing them of the download order. All expired orders are automatically canceled and notified to the appropriate customer via a text message on a registered mobile number.

How should I cancel my online order?

For guidance on returns and cancellations, Please call us or mail us